Useful links


  • A website of SZW (the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs) about the Language Agreement (Taalakkoord). Within the Language Agreement employers improve the language skills of their employees.
  • ‘Tel mee met taal’ is a program of the Dutch government giving an additional impetus to the fight against illiteracy and the prevention thereof.
  • UWV (Employee Insurance Agency) is commissioned by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment (SZW) to implement employee insurances and provide labour market and data services.
  • Information and tips for job search, applying for jobs and applying for benefits.
  • Information on the procedure for applying for residence permit.
  • Dutch government immigration website
  • Dutch Council for Refugees
  • Blik op Werk is an independent quality- and knowledge institute. They strive for opportunities for healthy work for all citizens of the Netherlands. In their vision sustainable participation in work helps citizens to be social and healthy and be part of the society. It is a non-profit organization.
    In the website you can search for companies and integration / language courses with the quality label Blik op Werk.
  • Het Begint met Taal is established by language volunteer organizations to strengthen them in the organization of language coaching. The goal is to make language coaching effective, visible and available for more participants. Language coaching is always aimed at practicing the language in addition to language classes at school. Language coaching is an important addition to formal education.
  • is a portal developed by the Dutch government in cooperation with companies and non-profit organisations. You can find information about legislation, policy, support opportunities and best practices regarding refugees and (voluntary)work, integration and education. They aim at supporting the integration of refugees. Their main target groups are employers, education institutes and societal organization. But it also offers practical information (in Dutch) for refugees.
  • Eva en ik (Eve and I) is especially developed for women with low language skills. The site offers exercises for people looking for a job. For example: Work and Job Apply, Money and Calculate, Internet and Computers. You can practice it by yourself or find groups throughout the Netherlands.
  • Het Juridisch Loket (The Legal Desk) provides assistance on legal questions. It is free of charge. On the phone or at their offices you will receive information and practical tips from lawyers.
  • Net in Nederland (New to the Netherlands) is an online platform which aims to help newcomers – people such as refugees and migrants – find their way in Dutch society by offering them a range of on-demand media content. New to the Netherlands offers Dutch television programs with Dutch, English and Arabic subtitles.
  • Official website for refugees on integration in the Netherlands and learning the Dutch language.
  • Online tool with information on Dutch language, computer, math and integration courses.
  • Information on volunteer work for asylum seekers and resident permit holders
  • The Taalkit Dutch is made for refugees who have just arrived in the Netherlands and have no residence permit yet. The material supports volunteers teaching these refugees. There is a training available for volunteers. The initiative for developing the Taalkit of CINOP and
  • is a portal, specifically developed for lower educated (young) adults who want to improve their basic skills regarding language. These basic skills are embedded in subjects such as Health, Work, Internet, Parenting and Money. Using this portal people can exercise reading, writing, numeracy and digital skills.
  • Foundation Knowledge Center PRO WORK promotes career development of people with a (significant) distance to the labor market, skilled workers and other target groups who need coaching, training and guidance in a broad range of sectors and themes, both nationally and internationally.
  • ITTA is a knowledge center for language development. Language proficiency in Dutch is indispensable for personal development and social functioning. ITTA is working with governmental and educational institutions and the labor market to ensure that language is not a barrier for labour inclusion.
  • Lost Lemon is a Dutch institution that develops ICT solutions for social issues and projects for combatting low literacy.
  • The Foundation for Refugee Students (UAF) supports and counsels highly skilled refugees in the Netherlands. UAF helps them with their study and finding suitable employment.  Many refugees have studied, and often received a diploma, in their country of origin. The diplomas of these doctors, engineers, law graduates, economists and others are not recognized in the Netherlands. The UAF helps them with a new start in The Netherlands.
  • The Lize Foundation collects relevant knowledge and expertise regarding European migrants in the Netherlands and makes this information available to organizations and institutions involved in European migration and European migrants.
  • Foundation ‘Nieuwland Werk Taal Zorg’ provides services for people to participate better in society. Whether it is to increase or maintain self-reliance, a meaningful day-care, learning Dutch language or finding or retaining a job.
  • TAMA offers support in learning Dutch, Integration, orientation in Dutch society and finding suitable work and employment mediation.





  • this web page contains a lot of useful links to find a job in the several Italian regions.
  • – Italian portal of search and supply of work in the field of tourism, catering and wellness.Through a simple registration you can send your resume and cover letter and apply for the best job offers.The consultation is free, ads are listed by sector, category and region. Companies can publish and manage their ads to an unlimited number of job offers for the duration of 60 days. Among the services offered, a section dedicated to news and a blog from which to draw up information and news related to the world of work.
  • Cliccalavoro – on-line recruitment portal, offers the opportunity to upload your CV online and consult the job offers.It also offers other online services such as, for example, the Job Alert service that allows subscribers to receive an email notice when a company publishes a recruitment ad which is suitable to your profile.The site contains general information on the labour market, on active job search and contracts.
  • Directory – Directory containing 900,000 companies in all sectors of activity and in more than 30 European countries. You can search by product or service, or by sector of activity or contacts list, or by company name.
  • – European Platform specifically dedicated to the supply-demand matching of high-profile labour figures (Managers and Executives).The site has an advertising service, to access and learn about open positions simply by entering a few parameters (location, distance, expectations on wages and functional area). Once you have created your profile you can be contacted directly by a head-hunter (intermediaries who seek high-level candidates to be submitted to the companies) through the job search portal.Registration is free.
  • – An on-line recruitment portal, in addition to the insertion of jobs from companies and curricula by candidates, it offers the FaceCV Channel service that allows businesses and candidates to meet up on the web.The platform also allows the insertion of video presentations. The portal has been active since June 2010.
  • – Online newspaper within the IAL (ndt institution for vocational training), for information and services to enhance the educational and professional opportunities for individuals, businesses and organizations.The site also features the on-line recruitment service that allows the publication of resumes in text and in video format and orientation information regarding the work active search techniques and the labour market.
  • Infojobs – It offers the opportunity to upload your CV on line, consult the job offers currently available.It is possible to get the most suitable to your profile job offers in your mailbox, and it lets you know the status of applications.
  • – Portal dedicated to the world of work and training.It allows enterprises to recruit staff quickly and easily and to candidates to respond to job offers, keeping candidates updated on public competitions and training courses. The service is completely free.
  • Job24 – Online recruiting portal of the newspaper Il Sole 24 ORE. The portal contains information on the labour market, on active job search techniques, legislation etc ..A blog on the topic of work is consultable and edited (JobTalk) by the journalist Rosanna Santonocito.
  • Jobonline – On-line recruitment portal that offers the opportunity to register your CV online and consult the job offers.The Job Alert service allows subscribers to receive an e-mail notice when a company publishes a recruitment ad for profiles with similar characteristics to yoursThe site contains general information on the labour market, on tools useful for finding a job, training and competitions.
  • – Site dedicated to people who want to work in hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, tour operators and tourism businesses in general.The site allows you to get various services, including the ability to apply online and the area “look for /offer work’ (main site Activity), training and refresher courses, events, useful links and more.
  • – Completely free portal for job offers and seekers.The Jobber (worker) who signs up has its profile visible to all where s/he shares photos of his work, the places where s/he has worked and received feedback. In addition, each user can be contacted via a message to ask for additional reference on a Jobber.
  • CareerBuilder Kataweb – Provides the opportunity to upload your online CV, consult job offers in Italy and abroad.Among the services offered there is the possibility to program the automatic search of ads suitable to your profile, receiving e-mail communications. The portal also contains information sections on the labour market, the active research techniques of work, on subordinate work (eg. Contracts, payroll etc ..). The portal has started a blog on the topic of work.
  • CareerBuilder.Repubblica – Online recruiting portal of the daily newspaper “La Repubblica”.
  • MisterImprese – The website offers a service whereby, companies, traders, professionals and associations of Italy, can freely report their activities.Users can find information on addresses, phone numbers, websites, and product categories of all the companies in the area.
  • Monster – E-Recruitment Portal, offers the opportunity to enter their CV online and consult the job offers.The site contains general information on the labour market and the tools for the job search and offers other services such as a newsletter. The site has an international circulation.
  • – Portal specialized on meeting and matching between companies and trade agents.It publishes job offers for commercial figures at national level listed by region. Registration for job-seekers is free and through free customized services, you are sent via e-mail all the positions offered, which correspond to user needs and demands. The portal provides general information on legislation for agents, social security etc … The portal was born thanks to funds from Sviluppo Italia Spa (now Invitalia ).
  • Talentmanager – Online recruitment portal specialized in the selection of highly qualified candidates, then dedicated mainly to recently graduates and graduates, preferably with previous work experience.The portal offers a number of online services to applicants.
  • – Online recruitment portal of the newspaper Il Corriere della Sera.TrovolavoroIt is a partner of ERA (European Recruitment Alliance), European association in partnership with the search sites of the most qualified staff in France, Germany, Ireland, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, Great Britain, Hungary and the United States .The list of sites that are part of the association is available at site.
  • Worky – Reference portal for job seekers.Inside the website you can find a message board with the possibility of adding offers for companies and recruitment agencies


  • SMILE: Network for Social and Market Inclusion through Language Education
    The website of SMILE includes a comprehensive database of over 300 good practices providing innovative methods for promotion and learning of less widely used and taught languages in situational contexts.