Workit Project

Job Seekers’ Tips

Preparing for interview

  • Do a research on the company you’re interviewing with, the industry, your interviewer, and the job itself. Obtain the correctly spelled name of the interviewer. Besure you have extra copies of your resume in case you have more than one interviewer.
  • Know where you need to go. Don’t wait unti right before your interview to ensure you have the correct address and main telephon number.
  • Don’t go to sleep too late.
  • Wake up on time.
  • Be sure to be clean and refreshed before interview.
  • Ensure that your outfit is clean and neatly pressed.
  • Head to the interview site. Leave a little earlier.
  • Once in the building, head directly to the bathroom for one final inspection of your outfit. Turn your cell phone off.
  • Pleasantly announce yourself to the secretar and make friendly conversation with him or her; the interviewer will often ask this person’s impression of you.

At the interview

  • Answer questions clearly and concisely;
  • Ask relevant, thought-provoking questions at appropriate moments, as this can show that you're genuinely interested in the role and really listening to the interviewer;
  • Be as enthusiastic as possible;
  • Be well-mannered with any staff that you meet before the interview;
  • Display positive body language, speaking clearly, smiling frequently and retaining eye contact;
  • Don't badmouth any previous employers;
  • Avoid talking about any personal problems;