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Final Conference

The WorKit final conference took place on June 7th, 2017 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. During the conference the project products and methods were presented and the participants held discussions on current issues regarding the labour market participation of migrants and their educational needs. The event was also used for exchange of experience and good practices for migrant integration both from The Netherlands and the partner countries.

Representatives from the focus groups were invited and shared their experience and impressions from the project. Key speakers from the Dutch National Agency Erasmus+ VET and AE, the Dutch Refugee Council and IVC Foundation, Den Helder presented their policy on impact and effects of European Cooperation and shared their activities on labour market participation and language training of migrants. In addition a panel discussion about language barriers and successful labour market integration was held with representatives of stakeholders, job coaches and employers and the interactive participation of the audience.

WorKit Final Conference

The Final Conference of the project will take place on June 7th, 2017 from 13.30 till 17.30 hours at Dona Daria, Gerard Scholtenstraat 129 Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Representatives from migrant communities, organizations working for migrants, stakeholders, language educators and volunteers, job coaches will be invited to attend the conference and share their impressions from the WorKit products and activities. During the conference, good practice examples for integration of migrants through language learning will be presented and the participants will share their experiences.

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Exploitation Seminars

The exploitation seminars were organized in partner countries to present the project products and results and further expand the dissemination channels. The seminars were run for migrant communities, organisations working for migrants, educational institutions, employers, job coach providers, NGOs and organisations dealing with integration issues, teachers, trainers, migrants, cultural organisations, policy-makers, etc.
The feedback received was very positive reconfirming that there is a strong need for such projects and products and complimenting on the high quality, relevance and effectiveness of the Job Language Kit.
Photo impression from the seminars in partner countries.


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Training workshops

The partners organised training workshops for training (volunteer) educators to use the project methodology and apply the Job Language Kit with learners. The training workshops included presentations on the project and the main outcomes – website, collection of good practices and the Job Language Kit, training sessions in modules based on the Job Language Kit and the developed guidelines for language educators. The received feedback was extremely positive stating that there is a great demand for similar tools among teachers and educational organisations.

Photo impression from the workshops in partner countries.





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